Analyzing Data

right products+right market

Achieve your business plans and successfully meet your company’s long-term strategic goals with our customized roadmap for your future sales. We help you define the direction you need to follow, to become one of the major players in the Saudi computer components market.


“smart unit” empowers your products for communicating your vision and plans at every growth stage.

+proactive distribution roadmap


Demand Forecasting 

Professional analytics and research team carry out these tasks increasing the profitability and partners' satisfaction and leading to efficiency gains, making sure that we know the exact market sections with their exact demand. 



Get value-added by using push and/or pull strategies., via digital channels such as our website, social media pages, and web ads. With our strategically designed marketing campaigns, we can propel your products, assess the market response, and create more demand. 


Distribution & Delivery

Optimum distribution plan fit for each product – whether it's Intensive Distribution, Selective Distribution, or even sometimes Exclusive Distribution – We care of the Transit Times, so we have agreements with a reliable third party, in addition to our In-house fleet controller.



Followed by acquiring goods from an external source after a detailed analytics & research study that shows us which components have the maximum demand in which sectors so that we can procure them accordingly from international vendors.



Our sales team minutely examines costs vs. benefits, research the competitors and rank the options.  Your products will reach the target customers through a credible channel. We keep a constant monitor on each channel's performance over a period of time, to enhance performance. 


After-Sales Service

Maintenance and after-sales service whether they are inside the warranty period or after the warranty period has run out, "smart unit"  handles the clients with equal adroitness and dedication.

enhance your products’ exposure in the Saudi Arabia computer components market, be a major player...