Wall of ideas



These include localizing or adapting products for a given language, culture, or region. We understand that for a new target audience to trust and buy your product, it has to look and feel locally familiar too.

Influencers & Blogging

We use social media influencers who represent our brand and create a web presence that would ultimately create a ripple in the market and boost reaching out to our clients in a wider manner.  

 Brand Evangelists

"smart unit" turns a customer to passionate about your brand, and products. Brand evangelists are those who add authenticity, credibility, and repute to the company’s products. 

Semantic Marketing Strategy

We aim to utilize the power of language to influence more and more customers into buying your products through our sales channels. 

Brand Awareness

We run awareness campaigns on regular basis. Most of our campaigns are centered on the goal of brand empowerment for our vendors & partners.


We arrange and organize seminars in major cities of Saudi Arabia. We hold special seminars for photographers, some for gamers only, also with the filmmakers and business sectors.

smart unit your centric partner

"smart unit" was established with a mission to increase our market share, where we can join the top ranks of the industry, becoming one of the top 10 distributors of computer hardware, printers, accessories, and components in Saudi Arabia. We are focusing on creating a market opening where the vendors’ brands that we work with have a unique positioning and will soon become a household name.

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