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Strong Background

The foundation of our company is the team of experts in the field of computers, hardware, and accessories. We have strong know-how and the background to deal with all things tech.

Credit History

To keep up with our finances, we run an extensive check on our credit reports and regularly do it. We are also very aggressive about correcting any errors that we find in these reports and rectifying them immediately. 

Professional Experience

We have an excellent 6 years' experience in the field and have been busy building a reputation for the leading supplier and distributor of computer hardware and accessories. 

Business Strategies

Business strategies covering the setting of objectives and targets for each category that help in selling all our inventory within our targeted timeframe. Generally, we are able to sell and restock every two months.

Business Dealings

"smart unit" focuses on extending the product life cycle by improving sales through Advertising, Price reduction, Changing customer consumption habits, and Special promotions. 

Vendors We Trust Each Other

Silicon Power’s trust in “smart unit” is a testament to our credibility in the Saudi Arabia market.  (SP) has an extensive business history and operations around the globe, over the years

welcome to our rapidly growing network

We will be happy to grow our family of vendors break new grounds and explore new territories. We welcome suppliers and manufacturers from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, UAE, and China to partner with us and reach out to the high potential market of Saudi Arabia and GCC. Get in touch with us, and let's work together to reach better heights. 

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